Piano Teacher Resources

Piano Teacher Resources

1  The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide by Anthony Williams

From preparing for the very first lesson to mastering fiendish fingering and performance anxiety, this inspirational guide helps teachers nurture and support students at every level and develop a love of the piano. With musical communication at its heart, The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide tackles universal issues and common frustrations faced by all pianists as well as improving and developing teaching skills and piano technique. View The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide


2  Teaching Notes on Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM 2019 – 2020

Teaching Notes offers invaluable guidance for teachers on all 158 pieces set at Grades 1 to 8 of the 2019 & 2020 Piano syllabus. For each piece, you will find teaching ideas relating to three areas of learning – musical context, technical challenges, and performance and interpretation – in a clear and easy-to-use layout. Written by experienced piano teachers, Teaching Notes also includes advice from ABRSM’s Chief Examiner on selecting and interpreting pieces. Alongside practical solutions to technical challenges, it’s full of creative ideas to support and inspire your teaching.  View Teaching Notes on Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM 2019 – 2020


3  Transformational Piano Teaching: Mentoring Students from all Walks of Life

By Derek Kealii Polischuk

Transformational Piano Teaching: Mentoring Students from All Walks of Life examines the concept of the piano teacher as someone who is more than just a teacher of a musical skill, but also someone who wields tremendous influence on the development of a young person’s artistic and empathic potential, as well as their lifelong personal motivational framework. The specific attributes of today’s students are explored, including family and peer influences from interpersonal relationships to social media. Additionally, students from specific circumstances are discussed, including those with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Depression. Finally, motivation of a teacher’s students is related to a teacher’s own motivation in their work, as a cycle of positivity and achievement will be recommended as a way to keep an instructor’s work fresh and exciting. View Transformational Piano Teaching: Mentoring Students from all Walks of Life

4  On Piano Teaching and Performance 

By Fanny Waterman

On Piano Teaching and Performance was originally published in 1983, and distilled the knowledge and experience of a brilliant piano teacher over a 45-year career. Fanny Waterman DBE has become a legend in her own lifetime. Nearly thirty years on, this new edition has been updated to reflect Dame Fanny’s most recent experiences. Fanny Waterman DBE has become a legend in her own lifetime. The book’s insights into fundamentals of playing technique and of musicianship, it’s shrewd practical advice and illuminating turn of phrase have immeasurably benefitted all who teach and all who learn the piano. Now fully updated, Dame Fanny offers some inspiring thoughts and words of advice not just for pianists but for all musicians.  View On Piano Teaching and Performance by Fanny Waterman

5  Teaching Piano in Groups

By Dr. Christopher Fisher

Dr. Christopher Fisher is Associate Professor of Piano at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he serves as Chair of the Keyboard Division and Coordinator of Group Piano Studies. The 2010 recipient of the Ohio University School of Music Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Fisher teaches courses in applied piano, group piano, and piano pedagogy.  View Teaching Piano in Groups by Dr Christopher Fisher


6  89 Colour Coded Flash Cards

Includes all notes, symbols, and terms needed for the first two years of study on any musical instrument. Cards are color-coded by category and are numbered on the back.   View 89 Color Coded Flash Cards