Let’s Play ….

Welcome to a new section of this website called ‘Let’s Play …’ where I will be adding songs and piano pieces, modern and old, to be played from a chart rather than sheet music.

Every music chart includes one of two methods for playing: 1. Bar and beat numbers, right and left hand notes with suggested fingerings and/or 2. Bar and beat numbers, right hand notes with suggested fingerings, left hand notes which make up a chord (for use with the fingered chord function on digital pianos and electronic keyboards) and the names of the chords themselves. I will also be adding audio files to many of the music charts, recorded on my Yamaha CVP 709.

Yamaha CVP 709

How to read the Music Charts

  • The bar and beat numbers are written across the top of the chart
  • The right hand notes are written below the beat numbers with suggested fingerings written in red
  • The left hand notes are written below the right hand notes and/or may be written as chords shapes with suggested fingerings for playing the chords
  • The chords themselves appear at the bottom of the music chart.

Christmas Songs

  • Jingle Bells (for electronic keyboard or digital piano with fingered chord function; includes audio file)