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Sue Compton
ABSM Piano Recital, ABSM Keyboard Teaching, Cert.Ed

(Compton Piano Studio)

Piano/Keyboard/Music Theory Lessons with Sue Compton

If you are interested in the piano, keyboard and/or music theory lessons I offer, please go to Compton Piano Studio for more information

Music Theory

Music theory is not as complicated as it first appears and in this website I aim to ease the strain of learning music theory by offering my own methods for remembering many music theory rules!  Music theory is a new section of this website so don’t forget to check back occasionally for more updates.  View Music Theory with Sue Compton Here

Piano Scales and Arpeggios

Despite the usefulness of piano scales and arpeggios, they can be a bind to beginner and elementary piano students.  Oh no, not piano scales and arpeggios!  However, playing the piano and learning scales and arpeggios MUST go hand in hand if you want to reach a good standard of piano playing.  In this website, I aim to make the understanding and learning of scales and arpeggios as EASY as I possibly can.  View Piano Scales and Arpeggios Here

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